Thursday, June 25, 2009

Collage Experimentation

Lately, I have been experimenting with collage. My current studio space is small, smaller than what it has been in past years... so, I have scaled back my work to 2-dimensions! Not sure how long this phase will last, but I am having fun playing with blocks of color. I have created and decorated lots of paper through the years: marbled papers, paste papers, bubbles, stamps, string, stencils, rubbings.... Plus, I have a large supply of purchased decorated papers that I use for my paper mache' creations. Each paper has a story, and I - a memory of that paper. Each scrap is precious. My capricorn nature delights in methodically cutting each shape, and organizing pieces into color schemes. I was hoping that collage work would free me, allow for more loose and organic abstract work, but instead, a certain structure compels me.

Rupert Watching, watercolor portrait

I did this watercolor portrait of Rupert around the same time as the one below. These are small paintings, on watercolor paper postcards. I have done a few watercolors of Albert, the younger and more rambunctious Boston Terrier, but not quite worthy, or ready to be seen!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Watercolor Portraits

One day, I got the bug to play with watercolors. Many years have passed since I have brought out my watercolor paints, but all my photos of the doggies provided instant source material. I simply LOVE the boston terriers! I have been converted from a big dog lover, to a little dog lover, and these boston terriers, with all their quirks, simply have stolen my heart. Because of this, Boston Terrier art shall dominate many posts here.... but, stay tuned! Other critters, and experiments, ahead!