Friday, August 21, 2009

The Return of AMBUS Artists Exhibiting!

Good news! AMBUS has been accepted to exhibit at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, in Medford, OR, in 2010, as part of their 50th year celebration. The 12 of us AMBUS artists have been busy putting together a proposal for exhibition - "The Shape of Memory". And, busy creating art for this show! Stay tuned for more details as the date becomes closer....
PLUS, a big shout-out to our President, Di, for putting together the very professional packet, AND working on our newest website. Check it out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cutting Paper

Cutting paper strips! Cutting paper squares! Another one of my obsessive activities! Some days I go into my studio and simply cut paper as I listen to OPB (NPR). Each little square presents its own little composition: perhaps a microcosm of the original paper, or a piece that desires new arrangements. For now, I arrange my cuttings into color palettes, according to ideas of how I want to arrange them. I view them almost like little strokes of paint which to manipulate into compositions. I have painted quite a lot in my artistic life, but somehow, I prefer the direct manipulation of my materials, with my fingers, instead of paint application with a brush (although, I have used many finger friendly painting techniques!).
So, I am cutting. Cutting squares and circles. Symmetry. Order. For pattern. Repitition. Sense a theme? Is it a phase? Whatever.... I am enjoying my cutting and pasting!