Monday, August 3, 2009

Cutting Paper

Cutting paper strips! Cutting paper squares! Another one of my obsessive activities! Some days I go into my studio and simply cut paper as I listen to OPB (NPR). Each little square presents its own little composition: perhaps a microcosm of the original paper, or a piece that desires new arrangements. For now, I arrange my cuttings into color palettes, according to ideas of how I want to arrange them. I view them almost like little strokes of paint which to manipulate into compositions. I have painted quite a lot in my artistic life, but somehow, I prefer the direct manipulation of my materials, with my fingers, instead of paint application with a brush (although, I have used many finger friendly painting techniques!).
So, I am cutting. Cutting squares and circles. Symmetry. Order. For pattern. Repitition. Sense a theme? Is it a phase? Whatever.... I am enjoying my cutting and pasting!

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