Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It has been a while since I have run across the following sentiment.... Since I hadn't, I was hoping that I was living in a naturally beautiful, as well as culturally educated, place in Oregon. Oops. Maybe not.

The following letter-to-the editor was in today's paper, the Bulletin:

"Are you sure the story about the latest addition to the White House "art" collection is correct? It looks to me like the piece pictured is more likely something one of the children did in preschool than something that would be on loan from a prestigious museum. After all, how much talent does it take to cut out some pieces of colored paper and paste them onto a white background? I've seen better "art" than this hanging on refrigerator doors."
                                                                        Jeff Keller, Bend

Ouch. I cut out pieces of colored paper and paste them on to papers of white backgrounds. I like to think I am being Henri Matisse-like, but on a smaller scale, and in my own different way. The writer obviously does not understand intention as it relates to the creative process.

Ah, how to respond to those folks who don't "get", or appreciate, modern, contemporary, even historical, art? I do find it unfortunate that significant artistic movements (music! dance! visual arts! architecture!) are not mentioned in history lessons, for those movements result from context. How many of you learned about the Beat Generation in your US History class? What about all the Modern Art burgeoning in the 1960's and beyond?

I recall reading the referenced article on the art the Obama's are choosing for the White House and was delighted to see the more culturally diverse, and modern pieces included. Sadly, this writer's ignorance seems to extend beyond his knowledge, or lack thereof, of art.

Speaking of cutting and pasting, I am working on more of my decorated paper collages. My AMBUS art group has been accepted into another exhibit, so among my experiments, I  hope to create some keepers for the show. Details to follow..... I know I have the winter to keep busy! Stay tuned!

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